Egelabra Merino Stud, Warren, NSW

Egelabra offers Merinos with superior medium-fine, bright, white wool. As Australia's oldest closed-stud, operating as such for more than 120 years, Egelabra's breeding policy reinforces the consistent quality and trueness of type which as stood the test of time. 

Our Merinos produce over 7.5-8 kg of wool per head each year with an average fibre diameter of 20.5 micron. Over 1,500 rams are produced annually for sale and a further 100 remain in the stud to ensure the unique genetic characteristics of the Egelabra bloodline.

Annual on-property sale

The 2014 on-property sale will be held on Wednesday, October 15. Subscribe to receive the catalogue early or view the 2013 sale results ›

Undiluted genetics

We focus on breeding a Merino that is not over-managed or overfed so what you buy is what you breed. Read about Egelabra bloodlines

Training the future leaders

Egelabra has a proud tradition of training Jackaroos, many of whom go onto play important roles in Australian agriculture. Read more

Producing bright, white wool

One of the outstanding features of Egelabra wool is long lines of AAA classed wool, with few odd lines. Read about Egelabra wool