35th Annual On-Property Ram Sale: 17 Oct 2018

Our 35th Annual On-Property Ram Sale will be held on the plots of, Egelabra’s Ram Depot, “Eenaweena” Warren on Wednesday the 17th of October 2018.

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We welcome all visitors, returning clients, interested Merino breeders and new clients. We aim for our day not only to showcase our bloodline but to be an opportunity for different industry participants to interact and share ideas. This year we especially encourage all to come and enjoy a ‘cuppa’ and some lunch on the ram plots at “Eenaweena’ and have a few hours break from this unrelenting drought.

We look forward to presenting to you the 2017 July /August drop sale rams. It has been a challenging year, with the young rams a few kg back on body weight from last year and the overall micron slightly finer; not uncommon in a dryer year, especially for genuine grass-fed rams that have not been pampered.

Offering 10 specially selected March shorn rams and 150 April shorn grass-fed rams averaging 88kg (no grain). The draft averages: 19.4 for micron, 34mm eye muscle area with 3.5mm of fat.

The rams have been visually scrutinised first before any figures are assessed. They have then been indexed both for Merino production and Merino dual purpose through Ram Power, allowing you to see our top performers based on these indexes. The drop bares the Egelabra pure bright, white wool and is above average for fleece weight.

It is an exciting time to be in Merinos with lamb, sheep and wool prices so strong. We have some challenges ahead until nature delivers but Egelabra ewes have a robust ability to adapt to these tougher times, requiring minimum inputs, as long as we manage her well during her critical demand periods. 

I am confident we can return to maximum production quickly by focusing on the ewe as the ‘hub’ for future production. If there is a need for your operation to restock we have one of the largest client bases and networks within one bloodline and are only too happy to help you regain your footing to full production as soon as possible.

Rams will be penned on the day at 9.30am for inspection. If required, please contact the Stud to organise inspection prior to sale.

Thank you to all our clients and I hope the much-needed rainfall is delivered soon.

Cam Munro