Our Ewes

Reliability and evenness are things that stand out with the Egelabra bloodline, adapting well in our high rainfall.
Damien Cranage, Edenhope VIC

The Ultimate Complement

Merino ewes are the fundamental building block of the Australian wool and sheepmeat industries and their true value is reflected in strong sales across the country. Egelabra Merino Stud ewes consistently achieve above average prices and are considered a reliable investment. Their renowned trueness to type and easy care are in constant demand.

As a result, Egelabra is one of the major parent studs in Australia with 11,000 stud breeding ewes on three properties around Warren in central New South Wales.

The Egelabra ewe is also now recognised as the Merino ewe bloodline of choice by first cross and prime lamb producers. This is due to a genetic trait that produces progeny with superior carcase characteristics. Furthermore, Egelabra is proud to boast an average lambing percentage of 100%.

Egelabra is the largest seller of even lines of surplus to requirement Merinos in Australia. If you are looking to rebuild flock numbers by purchasing replacement ewes or wethers, or if you have sheep for sale, Egelabra is happy to assist. For more information, contact us.

Our Breeding Policy

Egelabra’s breeding policy is to maintain the bloodline as a pure genetic strain. This ensures consistent quality and enables a targeted and true breeding program. 

Egelabra sheep have been classed and bred with the aid of objective measurements to produce a longer bodied, more densely covered, long stapled sheep with the special type of pearly, white, soft wool unique to the bloodline. However, a cornerstone of the breeding policy has been to avoid chasing genetic extremes, which can lead to trade-offs between traits.