Our Wool

we recently shore our 6 and 7 year old Egelabra wethers and the lines were even, bright and cut over 16lb (8kgs) in a drought!!!
Jeff Agar, Charleville QLD

Pure, Soft and Natural

The unique characteristics of Egelabra wool include:

  • Soft, pearly, white wool with good handle;
  • Excellent spin ability making Egelabra wool attractive to processors;
  • Exceptional comfort factor; and
  • Free from colour and stain.

Egelabra wool consistently tops sales of wool from pastoral zones, and one of its outstanding features being long lines of AAA classed wool, with few odd lines.

Some key traits (stud averages) are:

  • 7.2 kg stud fleece weights of 2-7 year old ewes; 
  • 19.9 micron for fibre diameter; and
  • 99.3 comfort factor.

Egelabra’s wool classer ensures each hogget ewe re-entering the stud has been assessed for fleece weight, fibre diameter and comfort factor. By combining the latest objective measurement technology with years of subjective experience, Egelabra is soundly positioned to maximise the opportunities in an evolving wool industry.

The proof is in the final product

Wool from Egelabra bloodlines contributes to a variety of products, from wool used to suit a prince at his royal wedding to the latest fashion designs and baby clothes.