2019 On-Property Ram Sale Results – Sale Average: $2,699

  • 2019 Sale Average: $2,699 ~ 100% Clearance
  • 8 Jul-Aug drop Specially Selected Rams (March shorn) sold
  • 138 Jul-Aug drop Selected Rams (April shorn) sold
  • Top price ram to $18,000 

2019 Top priced ram – Lot 1 HEK 180171 ~ $18,000

The $18,000 top-priced ram Lot 1, HEK 180171 with auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth;
Egelabra General Manager, Cam Munro; buyers Nicholas, Amy and Dave Motley, Manager,
Gerar Station, Nyngan with Austin Grace holding the ram

Kate Denholm, Jock McGrath, Andrew McGrath, Manager of Womboin Station, The Marra, Girilambone, Egelabra General Manager Cam Munro with Egelabra Jackaroo Will Alexander holding the 2nd priced ram Lot 8, HEK 180097 for $9,000

Gunyah Stud, Cooma, paid $7,000 third top price for Lot 6, HEK 182625 held by Austin Grace. From left are Hugh Kater, HEK Director, Scott Thrift, Elders, Dubbo and Cam Munro, Egelabra General Manager.

John Wilton and Family, Bangarla P/L, Trunkey Creek secured the top price 2018 July–August drop
selected ram – April Shorn Lot 84, HEK 180311 for $5,000 held by Egelabra Jackaroo Sam Phillips.
From left are Cam Munro, Egelabra General Manager, Geoff and Cheryl Gilbert, Bangarla, Trunkey Creek

Special thanks to Buyers and under bidders for their continuing support and interest.